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    Poll: Do you like the weight & volume system?
    A few days ago the game's upcoming weight/volume system was enabled on our server. Here's some information and a primer for discussion about the change:

    The weight & volume system enables a more realistic logistics experience in that players will no longer be able to place large or heavy items into their personal inventory requiring the player to use the new logistics system to maneuver the larger items.

    The effect doesn't end there, though. HV, SV, and CV are affected by the mass of their cargo. As they become loaded down with heavy cargo, such as ore, they begin to perform more sluggish. Additionally, cargo that is loaded in a manner that does not balance out, will cause the vessel to list or struggle maintaining orientation. Additional mass from cargo also causes the vessel to burn more fuel to achieve the same speeds as it might have without the weight and volume system enabled.

    What does this do for the server?
    It ultimately makes the art of cargo hauling more realistic. A player can no longer load up a tiny cargo skiff with all of the ore from an entire planet and expect it to make it to an orbital station. That player will now need a larger, more capable, and more realistic ship to load that amount of cargo.
    It also forces players to learn the arguably more efficient logistics system that they should learn to use anyway because it is so freaking awesome.

    I want your feedback, though
    Do you love the weight & volume system? Why?
    Do you hate the weight & volume system? Why?
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