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    By default, the Empyrion server unloads playfields while there are no players on them. This is primarily because playfield servers consume 1 to 4 GB of RAM each plus CPU to handle NPC activities. With a playfield unloaded, it is effectively paused. Bases halt what they are doing: constructors stop, dead in their tracks, furnaces stop smelting ore, plants pause growing, autominers do nothing, bases stop using fuel.

    Personally, I find this frustrating because if I am the only regular on my playfield and I queue up a bunch of work for my constructors and log off the jobs are practically not even near completion.

    I'd like to eventually keep playfields loaded. I'm thinking leave each playfield server up and running for 24 hours with no players before being shut off. If a play entered or logged into that playfield, the 24 hour timer would be reset.

    I'd like your feedback.
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